Green Rose Health sells high-quality products to help you in your Natural Health Journey !

Products and Therapies available at Green Rose Health retail shop:

In Art Therapy, colors are associated with a person’s emotions.     Beautiful,  colorful artwork can help improve or restore a person’s sense of well-being.   Looking at colorful artwork can be relaxing, and calming.    See calming, beautiful artwork at Green Rose Health and Wellness – for viewing and for sale.   Acrylic paintings, photographs and posters.   Framed and matted prints also available.    

Natural Health Supplements available for sale:

  • Saba for Life – Nutritional products (energy & weight management) made from natural ingredients – based in Oklahoma City – see for more information.
  • Colorado Hemp Honey – Raw honey (with Hemp extracts) produced by the Frangiosa Farms at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.   see
  • CBD Products – Charlotte’s Web – full spectrum proprietary Hemp-derived and Feel Good (FG) CBD isolate from pesticide free industrial hemp.  Also available for pets too.
  • Nature’s Sunshine Products – High quality single and blends of nutritional supplements – see for more information.
  • Nutritional Resources – Top quality liquid herbs for all ages and pets.
  • Life Extension – Nutritional supplement company who backs each product by medical findings and research.
  • NOW Foods – Essential oils, personal care and high quality supplements.
  • CHI Machine Sessions – Relax 5 to 10 minutes on the CHI machine – aerobic exerciser – 10 mins = 10,000 steps !

HealthyLine Mats – Designed to improve your wellness with negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones.  Helps reduce pain, maximize relaxation of muscles, ease inflammation and stiffness, improve moods, and much more. You will also experience accelerated detoxification that helps with the overall way you feel.  Better wellness is a big step towards a better life.  To learn more and get a 10% discount – see and use code:   grh10S  in checkout.