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Are you really interested in natural health – but don’t have time to research and read? Green Rose Health is now offering Health Book Summaries for sale. We have done the research for you. Save time by reading health book summaries and decide if the topic needs further research. You will find valuable information in each summary to help you in your Natural Health Journey! Green Rose will make suggestions on further research for you! Each summary will be mailed to you at the low cost of only $10.00, which includes tax and shipping.

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Book Summaries:

Book “Why you can’t lose Weight” by Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith

The book, “Why You Can’t Lose Weight” , A guide to Solving Your Weight-loss Puzzle, came out on 7-1-2011. The author identifies 3 areas, with reasons within each areas that are linked to weight problems. This summary includes 3 self tests that will help you determine what those areas and reasons are.

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Against Medical Advice by James Patterson & Hal Friedman

This book, “Against Medical Advice” is a true story based on Cory Friedman’s struggle with Tourette’s syndrome. The release date was 10-01-2008. Written by James Patterson and Cory’s father, Hal – this is a heartrending story of the power of love, courage, determination and ultimate triumph. This 3 page summary describes the medications prescribed for various symptoms and the vitamins and minerals taken for approximately 6 weeks, in addition to the prescription medicines.

Cory’s story is an inspiration to others that you can succeed even with the obstacles seem to great.

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