Pain Relief Therapy

  • Stiff Joints?
  • Bad Back?
  • Knee Pain?
  • Pain from Sprains?
  • Headaches?
  • Chronic pain from ????

Pain is a form of body communication. It’s how the body tells us it is having a problem. Society today encourages us to fix pain problems with prescriptions and over the counter drugs. At Green Rose Health, you will find natural solutions to your pain problems.

Since pain has a cause, the first thing to do is identify the source of pain. At Green Rose Health, we offer suggestions to help you identify your source of pain and provide suggestions on dealing with it.

Chi Machine Therapy at Green Rose Health will encourage deep
breathing, which is essential to your cells. When cells are chronically
deprived of oxygen, you will get chronic dull pain. Schedule your first
Chi Machine session for only $1.00. Then it’s $1.00/minute. (Minimum $10.00).
Work up to 15 minutes, which is equal to 10,000 oxygenated steps !

Schedule a Reams test to see if you are dehydrated. Many people can
get frequent headaches, and muscle aches from not drinking enough water.
Green Rose Health offers a body fluids test called Reams for $100.00. This
test will measure your Salts/Electrolytes, Sugars, pH, Ketones & protein
digestion with immediate results.

Chi Machine sessions for massage and to relieve lymphatic congestion.
At Green Rose Health, regular Chi machine sessions can relieve
stagnant lymph congestion, which is another cause of pain. There are
also supplements that encourage lymph drainage. These supplements
are available at Green Rose Health. Ask for the first time special rate
to try out the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine is FDA approved as a Class 1
Therapeutic massager and oxygenator. It has many other benefits as well.
Check out the Chi Machine Therapy tab on this website for more info.

Overacidity can cause pain. Schedule a mini pH test at Green Rose
Health for only $25.00. It’s essential to find out if your body is in a
acid state. Disease thrives in an acid environment so it’s important
to find out what your pH is. Consider a Weight Consultation, which
includes a pH test at Green Rose Health to determine if a FMD,
Fasting Mimicking Diet is right for you. Green Rose Health has FMD
kits for sale. The kits include all food for 5 days and will help balance your pH.

Chronic Inflammation is one of the main sources of pain.
Contact Green Rose Health to get a full Pain Relief
consultation to see if you are suffering from inflammation.
The cost of $59.00 includes a thorough evaluation, a Chi Machine
session and a laser light therapy for painful areas. You will also
receive a protocol that is customized to your situation. For
extreme back pain, kits are available for additional $125.00 to

For all other pain – including muscular aches, pain and tension – Exercise with the Chi Machine ! Others have discovered the Chi Machine helps with sciatica pain and lower back pain resulting from an herniated disc. The original Chi Machine was invented by Dr. Inoue. It was designed to promote movement without placing undue stress on the spine. Its figure 8 movement allows the spine to move while staying relaxed. It is a great form of passive aerobic exercise, helping to relieve muscle tension – a major cause of pain. Relax tight muscles, promote deep breathing and stimulate circulation getting more blood to the muscles throughout the body. Schedule your first session today ! See the tab Chi Machine Therapy on this website for more information. Ask for special 1st time price !

Pain Relief Consultation – $59.00, Weight Consultation – $49.00, FMD kits – 239.00/5 days. pH tests – $25.00, Chi Machine sessions – $1.00/minute – minimum $10.00. Back kits – $150.00. Reams tests – $100.00. Other prices vary depending on the type of pain you are experiencing.