About Dr. Moon, N.D. B.S., M.H. CNHP
Knowing that many people suffer with problems that medical doctors don’t have a solution for, and believing that there are herbal remedies for all ailments, I decided to devote my life to the advocating of a healthy lifestyle for maximum potential.   Being a very visual person,  I have seen the miraculous results in myself and others who have applied healthful holistic principles to their lives.
I received my Naturopathic Doctor N.D. degree from Trinity College of Natural Health in 2008. Prior to that I received a B.S. degree in Psychology and Computer Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.  I became CNHP certified from the Certified Natural Health Professional organization (www.trinityschool.org) and then pursued a Master Herbalist diploma in 2010.   I also have a Wellness Coordinator certification obtained in 2010 from OSU/Oklahoma State University.
I believe that it is most beneficial to utilize the body’s natural healing abilities to reach and maintain wellness.  Many of my clients suffer with problems that medical doctors don’t have a solution for and have discovered that modern medicine was not addressing the cause of their disease and found that they were not getting well or feeling well.   Others desire to be as healthy and natural as possible.  I believe in:
– helping clients achieve an healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness and herbal supplements 
– health education, natural health therapies and nutritional counseling.
– in encouraging clients with suggestions that will help them achieve good health.
My clients can be assured that I will work with them on an individual basis to find their unique wellness solutions.
To schedule a consultation for a confidential personal health analysis please call: